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Welcome to The Rune Site – formerly known online as Ankou’s Page of Runes. The content from the old “Ankou’s Page of Runes” website is now all up. However, I still want to cross-reference all of the articles to make moving about this site easier than it was at the old site. So please hang in there while I finish up.

Online Rune Casts

I’m in the process of working on the online rune cast section. The biggest issue is going to be creating the graphics for all the rune images for the application. I’m not sure how I want them to look. The code for the online cast took all of 4 hours. The images… they’ll probably take me three times as long.  Speaking of which – if there are any graphic artists out there willing to lend a hand for free I’ll be more than happy to give you credit and a link or two back to your site. Just contact me and let me know.

Site News and Updates


I’d just like to take a minute and thank those who have emailed me lately. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about the site and the information. I only wish I had the time to update this site and finally get some new information online for everyone. However, I just don’t have the time. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to finally launch the online rune casts.


I’ve been getting a lot of ‘comments’ on pages/posts that are obviously spam so I’ve been starting to ban IP addresses. Hopefully, this won’t stop anyone with a real interest in this site from visiting.


I just noticed that for the Grid of Nine casting record sheet I had listed the Microsoft Word file and not the PDF. Sorry about that. I’ve made the change now so you can grab the PDF and not the Word file.


I’ve added a few methods to help get this site noticed. On single article pages you should now see a way to “Like” the article on Facebook as well as a method for sharing the articles on various sites. In the footer of the site I’ve put the RSS Feed icon as well as a quick link to add the site feed to Google Reader. Enjoy.


I’m happy to report that all of the articles from the old website is now online at The Rune Site! While there’s still a few things to polish up on the old articles it’s nice to have that workload off my shoulders so I can concentrate on new material.