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Over 10 years ago I had a website online called Ankou’s Page of Runes which was hosted using the free space my ISP allowed to all their customers. I enjoyed the site tremendously – not only because it helped me through a lot of difficult times but also because it gave me the chance to meet a lot of great people.

After I moved from that ISP I found myself locked out of their server and found it difficult to not only get my files from them but to have them remove the site altogether. Within months I noticed that the site had some affiliate script tacked onto it – which remained there as I tried and tried to get them to remove the site. Nearly 6 months of requests and demands to have the site pulled I threatened legal action and the site was finally removed.

That whole experience really soured my whole taste for putting up another website on the runes and I basically moved on to other interests. But for one reason or another I find myself being called by the runes once again and this time, if I’m going to do a site, I’m going to do it right.

A lot of the content that will be placed on The Rune Site will be information that was present on Ankou’s Page of Runes. However, I will be doing my best to add new content, a shop and even free online rune castings – among a few other ideas.

So I hope that you’ll find this site interesting, educational and worth telling other rune enthusiasts about. Thank you… and enjoy.