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Improve Your Casts Through Meditation

If you’re a beginner to rune casting or even if you’ve had years of practice you may have at one time or another tried various techniques to improve your rune reading abilities. Some of those techniques may have worked and others, while you may have learned something new, may not have helped you in anyway. So what techniques can help you learn to read the runes better? What can you do, as a rune master, to get a more clear reading each time you sit down with your runes? One method, which works wonders for myself, is meditation.

Why does meditation work? Well there are various reasons. First off when you meditate you calm yourself, you become relaxed to a state where your mind is clear of other thoughts and worries allowing you to concentrate and focus on your reading. Secondly you place yourself into a state of mind that may be on a higher level, or as some would say you reach an altered state of mind. This does mean that you’re in a state of mind like some intoxicated jackass, but rather you’re in tune with a higher mental state, which can allow you to see things more clearly. Last but not least, meditation gives you discipline and control over not only your body but your thoughts as well. If you can control your mind and body you can learn to focus your thoughts without letting physical distractions bother you.

Now let’s focus a bit more closely on each of those reasons and see why they can make a difference.

A Calm You and a Relaxed State of Mind

As I said above the calm and relaxed state of mind allows you to clear your thought and can even minimize stress. The reason that this is important in rune reading is that you are trying to see things in a focused and direct way. You’re suppose to look at the runes, make sense out of them and then try to look to what will come. All this is not easy in itself, now add a mind full of worries and stress to that and you can understand how things can become clouded. Think about it. You come home from a long day at work or school and you have a million things on your mind. You sit down with your runes but the only thing on your mind is that history exam next week or how you need to get a report to your boss by 7:00 AM the next morning. You’re mind isn’t focused on the runes and you could end up readings things into the runes that are not there, all because of stress and a busy life.

Higher Level of Thought

First off all what is a higher level of thought? Very simply put it can be considered to be a level of concentration where you are completely focused on your task. There are various levels of consciousness, it is said, which you mind can reach. This higher the level of consciousness you obtain the more aware your mind becomes. You begin to become more sensitive of the happenings around you, even about the other events you may not be aware of on a lower level of consciousness. This can be a huge help to the rune master because it again not only focuses the mind but also allows you to “see” things you may not have been able to see before.

Control and Discipline Over Body and Thought

I’ve always tried to find a perfectly quiet spot to do my rune readings, and I’m sure you have too. I also assume that you, like myself, have never found a place that’s completely quite or even free of distractions, even physical ones. I remember a time a while back when I had just finished creating a new rune set and I was anxious to try it outside. I gathered everything I needed and headed out under a full moon. The only problem was that a light rain decided to join me that night and I found it very difficult to concentrate on the runes while the rain was slowly dripping down my face, arms and legs. This allowed my mind to drift and wander every time I could feel a drop of rain rolling over my body. However, since then, with the practice of meditation I’ve learned to control my thoughts in situations such as that and have also even been able to reach a state of mind where I don’t even feel physical distractions such as rain.

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