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Improve Your Casts Through Meditation – Page 4

Improving Mental Visualization

A great way to improve your mental visualization is to use a nice relaxing nature setting to picture. Make sure this is something that will be relaxing to you. If you enjoy trees and grassy fields try to imagine your favorite park or place in the woods. If you enjoy water or snow try to focus and think about being on or near a lake or even walking across a snow-covered field. Nature is a good place to start with when mentally picturing a place during meditation because it can deal with all your senses. The sun warming your skin, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the smell of the grass and flowers, and the taste of cool water as you drink from a stream, all the time you visualize everything around you.

This can be a difficult task however since the details out in nature are so great. You want to start out with something “simple” like maybe just being in a grassy field with no trees, water, or clouds in the sky. As you get better at the small details start adding more to your mental picture and soon you’ll feel like you were really outside.

How Meditation Can Help in Readings

Once you’re able to project yourself into this mental realm you’ll find that even when you’re not meditating you’re senses become more aware. By opening up your physical senses in the “everyday world” you’re really exercising and training your mind to see things in a different way. You become more in tune with the surrounding world allowing you to pick up on smaller details that can and will help you to read the runes better. When you sit down with someone to do a rune reading you’ll notice that you’ll be able to “read” them better and can tell what areas in their life may be affecting other areas which is turn will come to play in their future.

For example let’s say that you have a friend who’s a job interview in a few days. Now you’ve known this person all your life and you’re quite aware that they are not the most comfortable person in the world in an interview (then again who is, right?). The job they are up for is one in management and you know they’d be perfect for it. However, management means dealing with people so in the interview your friend is going to need to show that s/he can deal with people well. In a bad interview, one where the person is nervous and has trouble talking comfortably, this could cost your friend the job. So they’ve come to you for a rune reading to see what might be in store for them. Let’s say that you’ve done a reading where Uruz is the most important rune showing and the rest of the runes only strengthen it. Uruz is a rune of power but a power that we cannot control. In a reading it also can mean success is near. Normally you would be able to simply tell your friend that success is near but it may come with a power that you will not be able to control. You wouldn’t be sure if the power s/he can’t control comes before or after the success. Through meditation you would be able to get a sense of your friend’s attitude about the job s/he is up for. If they feel like they are in control then it’s most likely that the power without control will come with the job and not the loss of power control during the interview.


Like getting started with simple rune reading all this takes practice and time. Once you get the hang of meditation and how to use it with your readings you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. If at first you’re not getting the hang of it, don’t give up or get frustrated. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I’m still seeing myself get better each time I do it. The important thing to remember is that it’s not a life or death situation, you don’t need to become perfect overnight. If you did, that would be great, but you wouldn’t have went through the process and been able to tell just how far you’ve come.

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Heather - Nov 8, 2014

Just wanted to say thank you,so much for the meditation tips,I have troubles with it usually,so ill give this a try. I have a question. I’m hoping you get back with me about this. When first learning or trying meditation,how long should you be doing it for and how often?(would greatly appreciate it if you could get back with me ASAP) Thanks so much! - Nov 8, 2014

Heather – I don’t believe there’s a set time limit. I believe the time will be unique to each individual. If I tell you “30 minutes” and you feel that’s too much time, you’ll lose focus and worry about the time. For me personally when I was learning the runes I’d do a rune a day. I started with Fehu and read it’s meaning, meditated for a little while on it and then went about my day. Through out that day, as I remembered, I’d try to recite the meaning back to myself. When I had a few free minutes I’d meditate on it. I’d even try to find the shape of the rune in nature. I know now everyone will be comfortable doing what I did. Some may not have the time – when I did this I was single, no kids and a brain less job. Now with 2 kids and owning a business I couldn’t imagine begin able to find the time. So find what works for you… I’m sure you’d studied things in the past and have found the best method for you to learn. Give that a go first and see what happens. Good luck!



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