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Grid of Nine Layout

This is more often referred to as The Grid of Nine and is slightly adapted from Nigel Pennick’s book The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes. You cast out your runes and pick up nine runes placing them in a grid as follows:

Grid Of Nine Layout

Grid Of Nine Layout

If you add up the numbers from any row or column or even diagonally, they add up to the number 15. In order to read this you should do the following:

Read the lowest horizontal line first – it represents the past factors that have acted on the matter at hand. The runes go as follows…

Read the middle row next – it represents the present forces on the question. The runes in this row are read as follows…

Finally read the top row – it represents the outcome of the question. Read its runes as follows…

Recording Sheet

If you wish to record your rune casts I’ve created a a printable recording sheet for the Grid of Nine Layout rune cast.

[download id=”8″ format=”1″]