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What You Need For Casting

Once you have the meanings of the runes memorized the only thing that you’ll need to have for a casting will be a set of runes. The other items on this page are optional but can really help set the mood for your cast, which helps you to focus your mind and can lead to better results.

Casting Items List

Set of Runes

You can either buy or make your own runes to cast with, but this is the one thing that you will need.

Pouch to Hold Your Runes

If you plan to carry your runes with you it’s good to have a pouch or some type of container to carry them in. Try to pick a material that will not “suffocate” your runes. Pick something that will allow energy to get to your runes and also allow them to release energy as well. Any fabric material works well but something like metal container may not be the best choice. A wood box can be a good idea, just try not to use wood that’s heavily coated with stain and/or varnish.

Summary of Rune Meanings

If you don’t have the meanings of your runes memorized then it is a good idea to have with you a sheet with all the meanings on them. You can get a list of the rune meanings for various sets in the Rune Meanings section. Just select the set of runes that you are using.

Casting Cloth

It’s a good idea to have a casting cloth especially if you plan to do a lot of outdoor castings. This way you can cast on the grass, sand, or any other outside surface and not worry about trying to find the runes buried under something. You can make the casting cloth any size you’d like, but remember that you will be tossing the runes onto them, so try not to make it too small. A good size for a casting cloth, which is also personal to you, is to measure it from the lengths of your body. Stand up and stretch your arms out so you make a “t” shape with your arms parallel with the ground. Measure from fingertip to fingertip. This is the width of the casting cloth. Now extend your arms up above your head and measure from the floor to the tip of your fingers. This is the length of your casting cloth. The material and color of the cloth is up to you, although white is a great color for all around use.

Casting Pillow

If you’re doing a lot of outdoor readings you may find that sitting on the ground for a long while may get uncomfortable. I suggest that you use a casting pillow, sometimes called a stol. This actually serves two purposes. First it makes reading more comfortable so you can concentrate on casting and reading the runes. The second thing it does is put you a little higher up above the runes and give you a feeling of being “above” the runes more. You’ll feel like you’re on another plane reading making the power you add to the cast a little stronger. Another purpose you can use the casting pillow for is to place it at the opposite end of the casting cloth and place your mearmots on.


These are personal items and talismans that help you to focus your mind. If you are doing a reading for yourself, use items that mean something to you and to the reading. If you are casting about concerns in your family, you may use pictures of members in your family. If you are doing a casting for someone else, then use items that are personal to them and to the cast.

Pen, Pencil and Paper

Some people, like myself, like to record all of their readings so it is good to have a pen or pencil and paper with you to write the information down. If you’re doing a reading for someone else they may want to have the information for later use or reference. Also there are times when you do a casting that you may want to read more into the reading but can’t remember the exact casting meaning for the runes. You can write the runes down and read them when you have the exact meanings near you. The one other reason that you may need a pen or pencil and paper is for writing the question down that you are casting for. It will help you focus your mind and you can place it with the mearmots when casting.