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Celtic Cross Spread

A spread that’s synonymous with tarot cards can be used in casting the runes. It involves picking 10 runes and placing them in the same layout that the Celtic Cross tarot card spread is in. The one variation that I like to use with this involves the first rune. In the tarot card reading you choose a card that represents the person that is asking the question. For a rune spread I like to do one of two things. If the person asking the questions wants, have them pick a rune that has meaning to the question. If this is a question about love, have them pick a rune that involves love, fertility or something similar. Draw this rune on a piece of paper and give it to the person asking the question to have them concentrate on. If you’re asking the question for yourself, then just concentrate on the rune as you cast. The other way to do this is to pick a rune at random from your rune pouch and write the rune down. Place the rune back in the bag so it has the possibility to turn up in your reading. Just make sure that you or the other person are concentrating on that rune, depending on who’s asking the question.

Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

Rune number 2 should be placed on top of rune 1 if this is possible. To read this layout follow this guide.

  1. Expresses the matter or question at hand
  2. Shows the forces that may hinder or oppose the matter or question at hand
  3. Represents the underlying influences of the matter at hand or question
  4. Shows the influences that are passing or coming to an end
  5. Denotes the influences that may become important in the medium to long term
  6. Represents the influences on the questioner in the near future
  7. Represents the fears and negative feelings that the questioner may have
  8. Denotes the outside influences of friends and/or family
  9. Stands for the beliefs and hopes of the questioner
  10. This rune shows the final outcome of the question or matter at hand

Recording Sheet

If you wish to record your rune casts I’ve created a a printable recording sheet for the Celtic Cross Spread rune cast.

[download id=”10″ format=”1″]

Rune Casting

It is still unknown if the runes were first developed for the use of a writing system or for the use of divination (or casting lots). Either way, in the past, the runes were used for casting, we even see evidence of that in mythology and sagas. Recently there has been a new found interest in new age items and we have see a revival of using the runes for casting and divination. You can now buy a set of runes almost as easily as you can buy a deck of tarot cards. However, if you want your runes to be special to you there’s no better way than to make them yourself.

Once you have your set of runes, what do you do? Well there are many fine books out there to help get you started. If you buy your runes, a lot of sets come along with a small starter book that will introduce you to the history, myths and meanings of the runes as well as how to cast them. If you would like to make your own you can follow the guides below and then use the rest of this site to find out the meanings and images.

So let’s get started…

Picking a rune set – Decide which rune set is best for you to use for casting.

Making your own rune set – Find out how to make your own personal set of runes.

What you need for casting – A list of item that are good to have for casting.

How to do a reading – Find out how set up a reading and where and when to cast.

Casting layouts and spreads – A list of casting spreads and layouts to choose from.

Casting record sheets – Here are a few PDFs for you to use to download, print and record your rune casts on.

Improve Your Casts Through Meditation – Learn how to improve your rune casting through meditation in this 4 page article.

* Layouts that were created by Dan Gronitz for this website. If you wish to use any of these layout ideas in any media please contact me.

** – Indicates a rune cast adapted from a tarot card spread.