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Accessibility Statement
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Privacy Policy

The policies of this website may change at any time. If such a change is made it will be noted on the main page of the site in the News section. You may also note the “Last updated” date for each policy to see if something has been added, edited or removed.

The privacy policy here at The Rune Site is simple… I do very little, if anything with the information I collect.

Emails that I see via the contact form or through direct emails are not stored. If for some reason they did get stored – through an email application collecting them or a script from our host – they will be deleted right when I find them. The only time your email address is used is when I need to reply to an email. Your email addresses will never be sold, rented, lent, traded, given or pried from hands by any third party.

I do run Google Analytics on this site in order to track progress of the site so that it can be improved upon. I may be able to tell how you came here, what keywords helped in searching for this site, what countries visitors are from, etc. – but really that information is just for my own curiosity.

The Shop

Right now the shop is not active so there’s nothing to worry about in regards to that.

Online Rune Casting

Again, the online rune casting is not yet active so no need to worry about that either.

Last updated: September 15, 2010