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Medieval Runes of Healing and Magick Set

For almost all other rune sets you should be able to find some divinatory meanings for each rune in its set. This is where the Medieval runes differ from the rest. They were never used for divination purposes and are actually not a rune row in their own right. What they are is individual runic symbols that hold magickal properties of protection and healing. They are probably the least known of the rune sets and probably one set that we may never fully understand how and what they were used for. They are said to originate in the Middle Ages and are largely thought to be Germanic or Dutch in origin.

The images and shapes of this set (shown here) are not that different than the other runes that we’ve seen before. But why is that? If these runes were used for magickal protection and healing, why not just use the protection runes or healing runes from an already developed set? The answer to that is not clear and may never be. It could be that the images for the runes were chosen because each rune was said to relate to a god or goddess. If that’s true then setting them apart from the other runes may be the reason why the shape was changed only a little. If you wanted the power of a god to help protect you or your home then it may be wise to use a protection rune from an established rune set. However, if you wanted to make sure that the rune held a little more power and possibly some magick to it, then it may have been the intent of the user to modify the rune just slightly enough so that the image was not identical, but still showed the original rune, therefore adding the element of magick to the rune. This is of course a lot of speculation and guesswork since there is no solid evidence of why these runes were only used for magickal purposes and not in casting.



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Jas - Feb 3, 2013

I’ve been fascinated by these particular runes and have made frequent use of them in various ways.
Alas I have also been frustrated when researching to find little information aside from what I first encountered in one page of Pennick’s book, not to say it isn’t there just haven’t stumbled upon it and wondered if anyone else has. - Feb 3, 2013

@Jas – I’m right there with you. I haven’t found much information that wasn’t from (or based on the text in) Pennick’s book. When I first started this site I thought about leaving this set out. But Pennick’s work was a huge reason I because so interested in the runes I thought it best to at least mention them.

If I ever do come across more information – I’ll be sure to put it on the site.



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