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Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden

Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden

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Rune stone outside museum in Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden

Rune stone (U 1011) originally from Örby in Rasbo parish, Uppland, The Rune stone was moved to Uppsala in the 17th century. The inscription says: “Vigmund had the stone cut in memory of himself, the most skillfull of men. May God help Vigmund the captain’s sole. – Vigmund and Ã…frid cut the memorial while he was alive”. The building is the Orangery in the Linnaeus Garden with Uppsala University’s Museum for Northern Antiquities.

Parish (socken): Uppsala
Province (landskap): Uppland
Municipality (kommun): Uppsala
County (län): Uppsala

Photograph by: Unknown
Date: circa 1900
Format: Glass plate negative

From: Swedish National Heritage Board at flickr